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New 1-on-1 Skype online lessons starting from January 1st 2016

Oriental Dance

I offer belly dance classes for beginners, intermediate level and advanced students.

When teaching oriental belly dance I focus on saidi, shabi, baladi, classical and Egyptian belly dance. We can dance to Arab pop- and / or classical music and various drum solos.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

I offer Tribal Fusion classes for beginners, intermediate level and advanced level students.

My Tribal Fusion classes focus on chest, hip, arm and shoulder movements as well as basic Tribal Fusion steps. Musically we will explore variations of electronic music, drum solos, world music, pop, rock, and many more.

Belly Dance Fitness

My Belly Dance Fitness courses emphasize the fitness and health aspect of belly dance. Besides thorough warm-ups we will focus on shaping up our chest, arms, hips, belly, booty and thighs. We will also strengthen our lower back and inner muscles to help you relieve back pain and to better your posture.

Belly Dance Mini Combos

The mini combo is the first step towards a full choreography and allows us to test the combination of various steps and techniques we have learned during your chosen introductory course.

Full Belly Dance Choreographies

Once you feel comfortable with the basics of your chosen belly dance style, you can start with learning a choreography. Expanding on the mini combo, we will work out a more complex choreography over the span of this course, which matches your personal dance level and lets you apply the techniques you have learned during introductory courses.

Meditative Belly Dance

Meditative Belly emphasizes emotion, thought, expression and body-awareness using various elements of classical and tribal fusion belly dance. A perfect course to let go of stress and to reconnect to your inner self. Advanced students may also use this class to train their on-stage-persona.

General Class Information

All classes also include a warm-up and cool-down phase to prepare our bodies for the dance exercises and to slowly wind down after finishing up. This will not only protect your body from injuries but will also help you to become more flexible and dexterous.

The possible lesson contents may vary depending on the lesson type you choose. For example Warm-Up-Plus classes and meditative belly dance classes are only available in 60 minutes classes. Complete choreography classes are only available with 8-lesson-tickets. For more details have a look at the list below:

Trial lesson (20 min): Same as single lesson content.

Single lesson (30 min): Belly Dance Fitness, Oriental Dance, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, mini combos.

Single lesson (60 min): Same as single lesson (30 min) but including the option for meditative belly dance and Warm-Up+ classes

8-lesson-ticket (60 min each): Same as single lesson (60 min) but also including the option for choreography classes.

If you are unsure about which course is the right one for you, I will be happy to prepare an introductory program for you. So please feel free to send an e-mail to or contact me using the form below.

Lessons rates

Trial lesson (20 min) 10.00 EUR
Single lesson (30 min) 15.00 EUR
Single lesson (60 min) 25.00 EUR
Eight lessons (60 min) 190.00 EUR

If, after your trial lesson you decide that you want to purchase an eight ticket lesson set, you will receive 10.00 USD cashback, effectively giving you a free trial lesson. ※ Exp. date half year (eight lessons). Actual prices may differ due to exchange rate

Payment methods

Customers in the European Union may pay via SEPA wire transfer. Customers with a Japanese bank account may also pay via bank transfer to a Japanese account. Customers from outside the European Union and / or Japan may pay via PayPal.

For further inquiries and / or questions, detailed lesson schedule, etc. please feel free to send an e-mail to or using the form below.

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