About Junko

Junko currently lives near Colonge, Germany.

She studied classical ballet, hip-hop, Jazz-dance, traditional Japanese dance from age 5, and started performing in Clubs in Tokyo, Japan since age 19.

Junko also soon discovered the world of belly dance and has since focused on learning a wide variety of classical oriental styles and more modern fusion styles. Over time Junko developed her own peculiar Japanese Fusion style which incorporates traditional Japanese dance routines as well as elements of East- and South-Asian spirituality.

In Germany Junko has been studying under Leyla Jouvana and Cristina Zegarra. The latter with whom Junko also joins when performing as the Germany-based Tribal Fusion troupe Coaldust. Recently Junko won the third place at Tribal Festival 2015 in Hannover and placed first together with Coaldust at Belly Dancer of the World in Duisburg.

Between competitions and show performances Junko teaches oriental belly dance, tribal fusion belly dance and belly dance fitness in the German city of Düsseldorf.

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