My Moon Online Stage No.3

in English


【”Online Stage” is a art presentation of your art and your performance to the world】
This event is an online art presentation open to everyone, regardless of genre, professional or
Dance, music, painting, photography, video, poetry, flower arrangement, reading, etc.
Why don’t you share your creative activities from your home, studio, or wherever you are?

This event is a live-streamed event using zoom webinar, with Japan-based photographer
Koichiro Kawato and Germany-based dancer Junko von Kiefernwäldchen as the main

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【Date and time of the event】

Sunday, August 21, 2022
Start to the show at 16:00 Japan time (9:00am in Germany)

To participate in the webinar at that time, please click on the following link

Due to the illness of the organizer, the event has been postponed.
We will post the new schedule as soon as it is decided.

Thank you for your continued interest.
ミーティングID 823 3076 3053

For those who will be watching via YouTube streaming on the day of the event, please click on the link below to join us on Sunday the 21st at 9:00 am Germany time.

【The theme of your creation is “The Moon】

Any genre of artwork is acceptable, but please showcase your moon-themed work.

The two organizers were able to connect across genres and borders because they see the same
Everyone in the world knows the moon, and it is the same distance from everywhere in the
By using the moon, a universal entity, as a creative theme, it will be easier to understand the
work and to be interested in the individual artist.
We hope that art can be an opportunity for people to connect with each other borderlessly,
transcending cultural and linguistic differences.
We believe that this is a bridge to peace that art can build.

【Viewing is also free】

You are also welcome to enjoy the event as an audience member rather than participating as
an artist.
If you select the free admission ticket, we will provide you with the URL to join the ZOOM.
It will also be available on Youtube “Tsukimichirunokoto ch” for simultaneous streaming.

Guest Performer】 Sandra Jasmin – Bharatanatyam (Classical Indian Dance)

Sandra Jasmin studied various South Asian dance forms with a specialisation on
Bharatanatyam, a classical dance from South India. She mainly trained under Ms. Madhavi
Mandira (Germany), Smt. Vanishree Ravishankar (India) and Sri P.T. Narendran (India).
Sandra Jasmin has performed extensively as solo dancer and member of various groups in
Europe and India. Being a passionate choreographer, she conceptualised several thematic
productions such as: „Bharata Natyam – A Cultural Translation“ (Wien, 2016),
„Bharatanatyam Performance“ in collaboration with Madhavi Mandira (Chennai, 2018),
„Performances Dessin et Danse“ (Louveciennes, 2019), „Bharatanatyam – Klassischer
indischer Tanz“ in collaboration with Akeli (Kultursommer Bergisch Gladbach 2021).
Collaborations with visual artists and live musicians are an important aspect and inspiration
for Sandra Jasmin’s art works. Furthermore, she teaches regular classes and workshops on
several Indian dance forms.
Sandra Jasmin is based in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne and works as lecturer and
research assistant at the Department for Asian and Islamic Art History at the University of
Bonn. There, she offers regular seminars on performing arts in Asia and dance research.

Host Performers】 

Junko von Kiefernwäldchen 

Lives and works in Germany
She teaches dance lessons online and in the classroom.
She has a unique style of tribal fusion from the U.S.A., incorporating various genres of
She dances solo and collaborates with various artists in Germany.
She also works as a dance therapist to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Kaori Minima 

She has a refreshing and healing voice that is loved by everyone from
babies to the elderly. Since childhood, she has been fascinated with
expressing herself and gained experience in the drama club and the
Himawari Theater Company. After a long and winding career as a
company employee, she took up the challenge of becoming an expressive
artist again.
She also works as a health consultant based on the most advanced
nutritional science in the United States.
She has been the moderator of this event since its inception.


A photographer who has been taking pictures of the moon.
He expresses his love for the moon by creating video works about the moon and performing
collaborative works with artists from various genres.
At this event, he is inspired not only by his own works but also by the “my moon” of each of
the participating artists.