The Dark ~ Butoh Fusion Bellydance

Here’s the next Tribal Fusion Group lesson choreography 

The pictures are for illustrative purposes only
Next time, we will use Butoh dance, Tribal Fusion and Belly Dance techniques.We will express the darkness.
The theme of the dance is a very broad one, so we will be using a wide range of meanings.The work will be more artistic with a butoh philosophy, and will use the unique belly dance sword.

Swords are a must for this event.Please bring your own sword.
This choreography will be taught from January 2024.
We are looking for people who can dance this choreography with us at the online performance. Only 3 people are needed.Please let me know by reservation form if you are interested in performing!
After your application, we will create an account just for you. I will inform you before the lesson.
If you are interestedIf you are interested, we can have a group lesson together.We are looking forward to seeing you!

Group online lessons
From 12:00 to 13:00 Germany time(winter time)
4 times a month, every Wednesday
Monthly fee 40 euro (tax included)
Payment by PayPal or bank transfer

If you apply now, we will reserve a slot for you and you will receive half of the amount as a reservation, and the other half will be invoiced from us one month in advance!

Feel free to contact us or fill out the application form!